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I wonder when Light Labs can spare the resources for more Time Slower tech… If Quick’s been robbing the town blind so much before now, the RPF could really use some countermeasures for something like that.

What do you think, Time? Since you prototyped it and all, you’d know better than anybody. Would it be too strenuous for Fakeman models to use?


No problem, Aniki!

Eheeee. That’s… That’s a joke. I promise! But I’m glad you liked it. Least I could do. I realized back when we first came to the lab, the 1st and 2nd lines aren’t so different after all.

I just hope this current mess blows over soon. I’m sure it will! Things have been worse.

Me too, and yeah— hopefully the upcoming party will give everyone a safe outlet to blow off some steam, since the worse they can do is argue there. Thank the doctor for null-weapon zones, right? Aha..

I just hope I don’t have to intervene in anything before prom’s had the chance to blow over. I already had to answer a call about a Search Snake attack and do some clean-up, where there were also people trapped by some awfully familiar goo-bombs and a lot of ballistic slash-marks everywhere.

It looks like Snake and Slash need to have their heads knocked together, but I don’t know if there will be time before the event.


Thats okay bro. I’ve been keeping it on the DL anyways. But yeah, Doctor Light fixed me and now I’m stuck having to only compile on the Labs servers. So I can only go 150 feet in any direction from the router. 

Oh boy… Being on a short leash like that has to be tough on an adventurer like you.

Well, Rush ‘n I have an autograph signing at the mall today, but we’ll fly by Monstro-Scoop and pick you up some more moose tracks on the way back.

… Or maybe just some chocolate, if that’s all you’re eating out of it. Let’s hang out a little before you’re free to go again, ‘kay?

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Oh? Are we all out of—


BLUES!? When did you get back!? Stuck where!?

I’ve been back for a week Bro. I have literally been sitting on the couch playing Kirby with Tornado the majority of the time. And eating all the chocolate out of dads moose tracks. 


A week, that’s— wh— wow, I don’t know how I missed you this whole time..! Sorry, I guess I just had a lot going on…

But, like, welcome home big bro! How are you? You said you were.. stuck?

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