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jewelman said: Rock, feel free to go take a look around in my closet for something to wear. I think I speak for everyone (other than our maker, of course) when I say nobody wants to see you have to wear another pair of shortsies ever again.

Ah-! Really!? Oh thank you Jewel, thank you thank you thank—

*Rock taskbars Tumblr down for a second and checks over his shoulder to make sure Dr. Light isn’t spying. Coast seems clear.*

—thank you..!


I’m going.

Sad to say, I don’t think any of my brothers are your height or size. Can’t one of your brothers help you pick out a suit? It sounds like your family is well off. Your father ought to understand, right?

Dad’s understanding alright, but uh.. he can also be really set in his ways…

Ah— oh well, I’ll figure something out, I always do! At least I know I can see you at the party, we should catch up and talk justice and stuff!

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iceman-dln005 said: Maybe go to another tailoring place…? Or you think Dad told them all? I’m sorry Rock that I’m useless and can’t help you. :( I still need to get something to wear too… but I don’t know what!

Aw, Ice! Don’t talk like that, you do your best and you’re just fine! After all, don’t forget that thing I trusted you with..! *wink*

Hey though, if you can’t find anything else… I’ve got like, a zillion shorts I can spare you. You’re a lot shorter, so they’d look longer on you, right?

iceman-dln005 said: Just don’t wear anything Dad gives you? :o I’m sure you have something nice to wear!

My closet’s only full of shirts, jackets and.. *dread* shorts. So many shorts.. Different makes, different materials, all of them… too short. I’ll look so dorky! I’ll die of shame!

I even think Dad told that tailoring place not to let me buy any more blue suits. I flew by a while ago and the consultants just kept suggesting more shorts… He thought of everything! Maybe he really IS an evil mastermind..


Our RPD’s trying to equip the Fakemen as we speak. We can handle the brownout.

I gotta admit that party’s good at keeping DWNs away from the city.

Glad to hear it! Another good reason for me to attend, especially if Elec might be there, it’s a safe setting where we can talk, and neither of us can be jumped by any more Wilybots. Are you going too, Ring? … Have you uh.. Maybe, possibly, confiscated any good powder-blue suits in young adult sizes, lately?

I wonder if I even can go to that party… I think it’s important that I do! ..But..

… how do I show up wearing something decent? Dr. Light’s probably devising a spring-loaded sailor suit trap to place just outside my door on prom-night.


A new model of Fakemen would be required, time abilities take up much power and would be too straining on the current model. If you are not built specifically for it you cannot use it to the best capabilities possible or at all.

As you have copied every time related ability there currently is, you should know this. I remember you could only use my Time Slow twice and Flash’s once before running out, because you were not built with time abilities in mind.

I don’t think it’s to wise to equip Fakemen with it or make a new model entirely, the current ones would most likely short out the moment they tried to use it and while it is a useful ability, if there is not enough resources available they will be weaker than the current one with less fire power and it would take more time to build them.

Mh, I guess you’re right… Crud, if only I could be everywhere at once. Even when I’m already fighting another robot, there can be like, seven others wreaking havok at the same time. Wily’s really outdone himself, building up this huge back catalog of powerful bots over the years…

… Double-crud, and he just added one of ours to it…

(Source: rokkuman)

I wonder when Light Labs can spare the resources for more Time Slower tech… If Quick’s been robbing the town blind so much before now, the RPF could really use some countermeasures for something like that.

What do you think, Time? Since you prototyped it and all, you’d know better than anybody. Would it be too strenuous for Fakeman models to use?


No problem, Aniki!

Eheeee. That’s… That’s a joke. I promise! But I’m glad you liked it. Least I could do. I realized back when we first came to the lab, the 1st and 2nd lines aren’t so different after all.

I just hope this current mess blows over soon. I’m sure it will! Things have been worse.

Me too, and yeah— hopefully the upcoming party will give everyone a safe outlet to blow off some steam, since the worse they can do is argue there. Thank the doctor for null-weapon zones, right? Aha..

I just hope I don’t have to intervene in anything before prom’s had the chance to blow over. I already had to answer a call about a Search Snake attack and do some clean-up, where there were also people trapped by some awfully familiar goo-bombs and a lot of ballistic slash-marks everywhere.

It looks like Snake and Slash need to have their heads knocked together, but I don’t know if there will be time before the event.

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